Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The key

I found an unknown key
to an unknown lock
in a drawer I was sorting through

What should I do with it
throw it away or
put it back in the drawer or
put it in the little box

With all the other keys I once needed
but no longer need
locks left unlocked
or locked away forever

Dying slowly
the invasion of moisture
the advance of rust
the slow clenching

Alone and useless
a life that has been passed by
never again to feel
the welcome penetration of the key

Never again to release
the pressure of the tumblers
the action summed up
in a final click

The unknown key stares mute
its face and teeth
set in the grimace
of final acceptance.

I close my hand over the key
wondering of the lost lock
and set about
trying to decide.

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