Monday, June 22, 2015

the bullet back

i wish i could turn back time
just a little tiny bit
but life doesn’t work like that
and i have to accept
and be aware of the reality
wishing the past comes back
wishing the spoken words back
wishing the bullet back

my life seems built on regret
awake deep in the night
replaying past, present and future
i must learn to accept
and understand that in reality
the past never comes back
nor the spoken words back
nor the bullet back

life is a price of moments added
a penny here a penny there
buying and selling good and evil
needing to accept
reality’s price is always too much
the past spent cannot come back
and not the spoken words back
and not the bullet back

time and life of humanity surround
those i brush and those untouched
aware and unaware in turn
can't they accept
the exception that is me
but the past never comes back
the spoken words never back
the bullet never back

a god could turn time around
and twist it to a will
but a human cannot work like that
and we have to accept
and be aware of all life spun out
the past won’t come back
the spoken word back
the bullet back


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