Sunday, May 21, 2017


i never knew i had so much hate in me
where did it all come from
and where will it all go

the question i do not want to answer
will i spread my hate
as the farmer does sow seed

and my hate will grow and grow
until it breeds more hate
and perpetuates itself

it will live apart from me
yet still feed off me
and it will feed others

until their hate feeds others hate
and their hate feeds more with hate
forever into eternity

i wonder if i'll remember
that i started this
that i was the source

but i'm certain i'll blame others
and wallow in my purity
where hate does not exist

the blood red mean child
lives within me
it never matures

the cruel child controls me
it never lets go
it clings and clenches

sucking the milk of hate
learning the way
and passing it on

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