Sunday, May 21, 2017

terse words

written words are shadows of thought
etched upon the page in ash
their meanings vary
self-serving to insightful 
they are ghosts until read

spoken words are echoes of thought
caste upon the atmosphere
their meanings vary
lies to truth
they are ghosts until heard

shouted words are bullets of thought
shot into the mind
their meanings vary
encouragement to destruction
they are ghosts until fired 

whispered words are vestiges of thought
shimmering on the surface
their meanings vary
seduction to malice
they are ghosts until shared

remembered words are dreams of thought
lost in the mind
their meanings vary
delight to horror
they are ghosts until recalled

forgotten words are essences of thought
distilled its most basic
their meanings vary
tongue tips to nagging
they are ghosts until failed

guilty words are crimes of thought
twisted into innocence
their meanings vary
shame to pride
they are ghosts until arisen

whimpered words are sorrows of thought
clad in the moments of weakness
their meanings vary
remorse to helpless
they are ghosts until sounded

terse words are the ends of thought
best left unspoken
their meanings vary
unwritten and unthought
they are ghosts until understood



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