Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Low Place

My mind is in the low place
where evil minds go
when they seek an excuse
for the actions before
to twist wrongs right and to explain
what was meant and what was intended
and why it wasn’t meant or intended
and how all others cannot see or understand
the wrong that is right for only me.

So the words I speak
serve only me
narrow meanings widened
wider meanings narrowed
until all sense and definition are woven
into what it was I really meant to say
and even if I said what I meant
I didn’t really say that at all
those with ears all misunderstood.

The actions seen
are not the actions seen
the camera lies
the video edited
the transcript altered beyond recognition
the louder I speak the louder the truth
the more I insist the more the reality
until all understand that which I understand
unless I change it back again.

Once I go into the low place
how can I escape
deeper and deeper the prize
I’m lured and teased
by the moments of success
a warm satisfaction overwhelms me
and no matter the words, the actions or the results
they are there only for me to contemplate
for me to use as I please.

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